Sun care


Sun protection products
When you are sunbathing, your hair is exposed to several elements. These elements can damage your hair. Damage is caused by water, UV light and salt water. Under the influence of these elements free radicals are formed on your hair and the structure is changed, on the outside as well as on the inside. The consequences:

Your color fades
Your hair becomes dry
Your hair is hard to comb
Shine fades away



So, protect your hair from the sun!

Kerastase Solaire
Protection and hair care in the sun. Let your hair enjoy the sun. Kerastase Solaire gives your hair unique protection against the sun with a Photodefense system. This system gives extra protection with ceramids and rice bran oil.

Kerastase Solaire also contains products that repair your hair after sunbathing with softening ingredients. These ingredients stick to damaged parts of your hair caused by sun, sea or chlorinated water.

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