Kérastase has developed Nutri-Sculpt for dry and sensitive hair.
The first styling products which bring shine to dry and sensitive hair.

For the care of dry and sensitive hair. New textures like “a second skin”, which feed and style the hair.

Nutri-Sculpt is the result of pioneering research by l’Oréal and Kérastase know-how, a series of fantastic hair products: special textures and unique methods causing your hair to undergo a complete metamorphosis. It accentuates the natural movement of the hair, makes the hair surface incredibly smooth and plays with the light, emphasising all the natural beauty of your hair.

Thanks to a unique combination of nutrients and styling polymers. The wonderfully light basic elements form an invisible veil – a second skin – over the hair.

A subtle combination of light reflecting elements which give the hair shine and styling ingredients which do not damage the hair. New, invisible textures which create structure and play with the beauty of the hair and the reflection of the light.

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Lait Nutri-Sculpt, for a smoothing effect

Normal, thick, dry and sensitive hair.
A creamy basis coats the hair shaft with a protective layer. It directly nourishes the hair and the cuticle scales close, allowing problem-free blow-drying. The hair is smooth, supple and easy to style. Stroke your hair to feel its velvety softness.

Advice from the expert:
Suitable for thick hair. Depending on the length and thickness of the hair, apply 4-8 pumps. Massage each lock of hair carefully to allow the product to be absorbed before blow-drying.

Mousse Nutri-Sculpt, Mousse for extra body

Fine, normal, dry and sensitive hair.
A lovely creamy mousse. A unique bubble structure which vitalises the hair shaft. The hair immediately appears more buoyant and healthy. Blow-drying gives the hair extra body.

Advice from the expert:
Specially developed for fine hair. Take some mousse (about the size of an orange) in the palm of your hand. Comb small quantities through the hair, lock by lock, for a super-natural result. Then blow-dry the hair.


Crème Nutri-Sculpt, Styling cream for extra volume

Normal/short dry and sensitive hair.
This light cream produces a special feeling when it comes into contact with the hair shaft. The hair regains its structure and natural volume.

Advice from the expert:
Ideal for short, textured hair. Allow a hazelnut-sized amount to melt in the palm of your hand and apply all over the hair with a flowing movement. Dry the hair and style it using your fingers. Lift the hair from the roots to increase volume.

Sérum Nutri-Sculpt, The protecting shine serum

Dull, dry, damaged or split ends.
A concentrated serum which feels silky soft. Crystalline drops cover the hair with a micro layer which removes any unevenness. It immediately protects the hair with spectacular results: the hair is smooth and shines right down to the ends.

Lumière Nutri-Sculpt , Cream film for extra shine

Dull, dry and sensitive hair.
A fine glossy layer which captures the light, restoring shine to dull hair. The hair plays with the light and shines beautifully. The hair holds its shape naturally, looking supple and extremely sensual.

Advice from the expert:
Warm 1 to 2 drops of cream between the palms of the hand until it becomes a smooth layer (after around 10 seconds). Apply with the flat of the hands to style and coat the locks.


Vernis Nutri-Sculpt, “Top coat” shine spray

Dry and sensitive hair.
Magical. A rain of glistening micro droplets produces a shiny reflection after blow-drying and feels like a second skin for your hair. It keeps the hair lightly in place and gives it natural shine.

Advice from the expert:
After blow-drying, apply the spray generously (6 to 12 sprays) all over the hair. Tip: For an extra smooth and shiny result, apply Vernis again all over the hair after blow-drying, and treat each individual lock with the straightening irons. Contact with the heat source causes the micro droplets to distribute themselves uniformly over the hair shafts and produce a top coat effect.

Brume Nutri-Sculpt, Shine spray for subtle body

Dry and sensitive hair.
A fine invisible mist lies on the hair like a veil, subtly providing body. The texture is in complete harmony with the hair shaft and gives the hair a satin soft, sensual feel and total shine.

Advice from the expert:
Spray over the hair as a finishing touch. Smooth with a flat hand for a top coat effect.

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