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The scalp defends itself against micro-organisms and fungus infections. The defense system protects the scalp against all kinds of influences that it is exposed to. Sometimes this defense system becomes weakened and a certain fungus infection develops called Pityrosporum Ovale. This fungus infection causes considerable cell multiplication. The skin is no longer in a position to defend itself; the scaling becomes rapid, and starts to gather on the scalp. A superfluous cell situation mixing with skin sebum causes dandruff to be formed.
Long working Détox System
The long working Détox System with its unique combination of Piroctone Olamine, A.H.A. fruit acid and Salicylic acid, not only removes dandruff but also prevents its reoccurrence.

What are the different types of scalp scales?
Most people associate scaling with that of dandruff forming. This is a great misunderstanding. We are now going to explain how to recognize the difference between dandruff and scalp scaling. People with dry and sensitive scalps should not be treated with an anti-dandruff product. Dry and sensitive scalp symptoms may be similar to that of dandruff symptoms but are due to a moisture balance disorder. The scalp has too little moisture and as a result begins to dry out and scaling occurs. This can be compared to the same ‘peeling’ and ‘scaling’ experienced after spending some time under the hot sun
The reasons for the moisture disorder are numerous, and could be caused by internal as well as external factors

External influences

air pollution
calcareous water
extreme temperature changes
inexpertly applied perming and dying lotions
some products are harmful to the scalp
vigorous brushing and using hot hairdryers
Internal influences

emotional stress
excessive perspiration
change of diet
hereditary factors use of medicine
The above mentioned can have the following effects on a sensitive scalp:

Red patches on the scalp
A dried out scalp where by the scales are small with a white color
Hair pain
Itchiness (also with dandruff)
Tense feeling painful feeling
Where does dandruff come from?
We have already discussed the reasons for dandruff. A fungus infection leads to cell multiplication on the scalp. It is similar in appearance to a dry and sensitive scalp but has its own characteristics.
Dandruff comprises of large scales of dead skin which are yellow in color. With dandruff the scalp flakes/scales are greasier. Dandruff displays no red edging around the scales of skin
Dandruff appears in four places on the scalp

on the crown
at the contours
in the neck
behind the ears
People with dandruff experience itchiness of the scalp. Besides this, their problem is very often an ongoing one. Dandruff can be treated and controlled by using the DETOX system. This system comprises of 3 products, which after use produce a 6-week long dandruff free period.

Aminexil by Kerastase cures hairloss, L’Oreal hair loss shop
Aminexil by Kerastase cures hairloss, L’Oreal hair loss shop
Aminexil by Kerastase cures hairloss, L’Oreal hair loss shop
1. The treatment starts with a peeling.
The peeling is designed to remove the excess dead scales from the scalp. It destroys the fungus infection that is responsible for the dandruff and works against the formation of new dandruff.
The composition of the peeling is: Piroctone Olamine (anti bacterial), Salicylic acid, AHA fruit acid, Camphor and Eucalyptus.

2. Wash your hair with a mild anti dandruff Kérastase shampoo
The mild anti dandruff treatment for dry or greasy hair removes and prevents dandruff from reoccurring in a gentle way. Dandruff is removed in just 6 treatments. The formula for greasy hair gives body and luster. The formula for dry hair gives soft and shinning hair The shampoo’s composition is made up of anionic and amphoteric waxy ingredients.

3. Purifying lotion
The use of a purifying lotion prevents the reoccurrence of dandruff and strengthens the working of the peeling and the mild anti dandruff shampoo. The combination of these 3 products means that the scalp stays clean, itch free and prevents the formation of new dandruff. By using these 3 products you become free of all the inconveniences relating to dandruff. The application of these 3 products prevents the spreading of the fungus infection and thereby giving dandruff no chance.

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