There are many solutions for hair loss. Maxilene from Kerastase is proven to be working. In our salons, and worldwide by L’Oreal, it proves to be worth your while. On this site you will find extensive information on Maxilene. You can order all products in our shop.

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How does it work?

One treatment comprises of 2 bottles. Apply one bottle to your scalp every day for 10 consecutive weeks. This is all you have to do for the Maxilene treatment to succeed. No special treatments, just application and massage. Maxilene is made for easy usage.



Short term hair loss
We are making a distinction between hair loss of short and long duration depending on the type. If, for example, stress, seasonal influences, pregnancy or medical treatment (penicillin) are the reasons for hair loss, then normally one treatment is enough for your hair to recover. One treatment is sufficient to repair the damaged hair cells due to the reasons listed above. It is also sufficient for the hair root nourishment to reach and repair the damaged hair follicle.

This is important for women who suffer hair loss after childbirth. Unfortunately, very little attention is given to hair loss after childbirth.
Hair loss is very normal and common in the above case but should not be of long duration- weeks or even months. If your hair growing cycle is disturbed by hormonal changes then it is of vital importance to take quick and immediate action by using Maxilene. Hormonal influence after pregnancy and childbirth can cause hardening of the hair follicles. In this case the same problems occur as with long term hair loss.

Long term hair loss
This is gradual hair thinning over a period of time. In this case a hereditary factor may be the cause. For this you should use the Maxilene treatment twice a year. The use of Maxilene is enough to stop the hardening and shrinking of the hair follicle. The hormone, Testosterone, is the cause of the hardening of the hair follicle in the first place. This hormone is the reason for the onset of your baldness. Hormonal production cannot be switched off! It is a vital hormone in your body. Unfortunately, overproduction of this hormone leads to baldness in men. Maxilene can stop the hardening of the hair follicle caused by the above-mentioned hormone.

During the last ten years dermatologist Dr. Boersma has carefully carried out a test on 130 people in the Netherlands. This test needed ample time to be able to judge the results in the long term and determine the exact amount of Maxilene needed for the hair follicle. This testing time period was also necessary for discovering Maxilene’s side effects, if any, on the scalp and the hair itself. Of course, the most important goal was to determine if this product actually works!

After 10 years of tests carried out by hospitals and clinics, under the supervision of dermatologists, it has been established that tested subjects/people react positively to the Maxilene product. With the help of these statistics we can honestly state that Maxilene provides the solution to preventing and stopping premature baldness

Two treatments a year are sufficient
Tests have shown that prevention of baldness requires a treatment of Maxilene twice a year. This treatment comprises of 2 bottles Maxilene. Apply one bottle to the scalp every day for 10 consecutive weeks. This works against the hardening of the hair follicle and so hair loss does not stand a chance. The testosterone hormone, however, continues performing its task of hardening the hair follicles. Only Maxilene can prevent this.


What are the obvious changes?

Your hair becomes thicker
The hardening of the hair follicles has caused hair thinning, has prevented and lost the capacity for new growth. Within one month of using Maxilene you will notice that your hair is stronger, has more body and is thicker.

All of the short hair start to grow
You often see these short hairs on the scalp. These are not new hairs, but are from the transition phase. Maxilene allows these short hairs to start growing normally again! Once again your head of hair becomes fuller.

Hair loss ceases
Maxilene lifts the hair follicle blockade.

Your hair is preserved for many years to come.
The hardening of the hair follicle causes baldness, influenced by the testosterone hormone. Tests have shown that Maxilene prevents the male baldness pattern. The sooner you begin this treatment, the better your chances of hair thickness. Are you almost bald, then a hair implant is the only answer. Maxilene produces more hair (the short hairs from the transition period start to grow again). Maxilene does not create new hair follicles. If a hair follicles ceases to produce a hair, then it will never do so again. In other words bald is bald.
All the above mentioned aspects are very important to us as hair specialists as well as to our customers, and are striking when it comes to using the Maxilene product from Kérastase.

What will I receive if I order Maxilene?

The picture shows the complete Maxilene treatment from Kérastase. This is the same box sent to your home after placing an order. An instruction for use is always enclosed with the product ordered. You also receive information about the application methods. Also enclosed are folders about other Kérastase products. The Maxilene product contains 2 bottles. You apply each day to the scalp for 10 consecutive weeks. A complete treatment, therefore, consists of 2 bottles to be used every day. Maxilene is a quick and efficient product. Its application demands little extra effort.



By ordering Kerastase’s Maxilene you will receive the following:

Maxilene treatment, which includes all the necessary information for application procedures.
folders and some testing samples.
We give a discount if you order two Maxilene treatments. Al our prices include cash on delivery, forwarding and value added tax (VAT) costs. Maxilene prices are fixed product prices and fall under the Kérastase guarantee, the H.B and K.K Dutch Group.

How do you apply the product?
The application of Maxilene is very simple. Place the cap, located in the box, on the top of the bottle and screw it on. You will notice that the cap fills with Maxilene. Then press gently on the cap and the Maxilene flows out. To apply Maxilene to the scalp: make partings in sections from the hairline to the crown and also from the nape of the neck to the crown. For the application of one complete treatment, 10 partings in small sections are needed. Press the cap three to four times for each parting. In this way you apply a sufficient amount of Maxilene for the scalp. Make sure you apply all of the contents of the bottle to your scalp. Every bottle of Maxilene contains exactly the right concentration needed for your hair follicles.

You can spread Maxilene evenly over your scalp once you have applied it according to the above mentioned methods. Spread and rub the lotion into your scalp using your fingertips. Continue spreading the lotion gently with your hand and thoroughly massage the scalp for 30 to 40 seconds.

In this way the influence of Maxilene is maximized to the full. Do not be alarmed if Maxilene comes in contact with your hair since hair is hygroscopic or absorbent. This means that the product reaches the hair root through the hair itself. If Maxilene comes in contact with your eyes this can lead to a stinging sensation. This is caused by the alcohol contained in Maxilene and has otherwise no serious consequences.

The purpose of gently massaging the scalp is to advance the working of the lotion. After the application is completed, you can dry your hair using a hairdryer and style in the normal way with gel, hair spray, wax or mousse. It is advised to use Maxilene at the same time every day. It is necessary to wash your hair beforehand, if it is greasy. If you are not successful in massaging your scalp, you may use a massage brush. Note: the massaging is beneficial for the proper working of the product.

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