Some common concerns about hair extensions at Gla Hair


This article will answer frequently asked concerns about hair extensions at Gla Hair, helping you better understand their product.

Hair extensions are beauty products that are popular with many people, especially those with hair problems such as hair loss, hair thinning,… There are various kinds of hair extensions on the market today, but Gla Hair’s products are the most well-liked by a large number of clients. To help you better comprehend Gla Hair’s goods, we will discover some of the most common inquiries concerning the brand’s extensions in this post.

Information about hair extensions at Gla Hair

Let’s explore the main factors that make Gla Hair extensions attractive in both Vietnam and international hair markets:

Their origin

Gla Hair’s extensions are made entirely of high-quality natural virgin human hair, collected and selected from Vietnamese highland women. People here often take care of their hair with natural herbs such as wild tamarind, and rosemary, so their hair is extremely thick, shiny, smooth, and strong.

Each hair strand is rigorously selected and goes through a closed production process. Hair is produced with advanced machinery combined with a team of skilled workers, ensuring each product is finished with the best quality. With proper care, Gla Hair’s hair extensions and wigs will last between 3-5 years.

Hair extensions at Gla Hair are meticulously sourced

Hair extensions at Gla Hair are meticulously sourced

Their main products

At Gla Hair, customers can experience a variety of hair extensions such as tape-in, tip-in, clip-in, ponytails, weft, and bulk hair. The hair color palette ranges from basic colors such as brown, and black to fashionable bleached colors or even unique colors such as ombre, highlights, and balayage. The hair length is also very flexible from 12-30 inches, suitable for all customer requirements.

Thanks to a modern factory system of more than 1000m2 and over 120 highly skilled workers, Gla Hair confidently meets all customized requirements, committed to bringing the highest satisfaction. Gla Hair’s team constantly updates and offers products with the latest trending designs, colors, and designs in both domestic and international markets.

Some real-image of products at Gla Hair

Some real-image of products at Gla Hair

Their price

Since Gla Hair produces hair directly for customers without the use of middlemen, their prices will certainly be fair, reasonable, and in line with the quality of the products they offer. With $31, you can easily achieve a basic natural straight weft hair 12-inch. Gla Hair also provides its customers with a plethora of alluring promotions, discounts, or complementary gifts for important events like Christmas, Tet, or Valentine’s…

Especially for large orders or wholesalers, Gla Hair offers the most competitive price on the market with many special discounts. Therefore, if you want to enter the hair extension business and earn a profit, Gla Hair is the ideal place that should not be ignored.

Tips to take care of and maintain their extensions

Although Gla Hair’s wigs and hair extensions are made from high-quality materials, they still need to take proper maintenance to be usable for a long time. Here are some suggested tips that you should follow:

  • Wash your hair extensions properly: Wigs and hair extensions also need to be washed regularly to remove dirt and excess oil,…You should wash your wig and hair extensions 2 times a week with shampoo specifically for hair extensions. The shampoo should have a gentle composition, not irritate the scalp, and help the hair retain its softness, and shine.
  • Brush your hair gently: When combing wigs, and hair extensions, you should use a thin-toothed comb and brush gently from the ends of the hair to the roots. Do not brush your hair too hard or comb your hair when it is wet because it can mess up and break easily.
  • Avoid high temperatures: Limit the use of high-temperature equipment such as dryers or irons to avoid damaging the hair structure. If it is necessary to use thermal equipment, use a low-temperature regime and protect your hair with a heat-resistant product.
  • Store wigs and hair extensions properly: When not in use, you should store wigs and hair extensions in a cool, dry place. It is not recommended to leave wigs, or hair extensions in a damp place or direct sunlight.

These simple care steps will help you keep Gla Hair’s wigs and hair extensions always clean, soft, strong, and durable.

Some practical steps to maintain hair extensions

Some practical steps to maintain hair extensions

Generally, Gla Hair offers a complete shopping experience, from product quality to customer service. Don’t hesitate to contact Gla Hair right away and select the product that best meets your requirements.

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