Coloured hair Archive

The first colour care series from Kerastase which repairs coloured hair for a reflecting brilliance. Optimum reflecting brilliance Réflection guarantee optimum brilliance of coloured hair thanks to the technological opening: SYSTEME FIBRIONIC – PATENTED FORMULA This system knows three phases for optimum reflecting: Step 1: BAIN MIROIR 1 Shine Revealing Shampoo. Eliminates dullish residues of hair and reveals the vibrancy and brilliance of Hair colour. Unifies the hair fibre. Protects the hair against all aggressions. For normal and fine coloured Hair. – UV filter – Fibrionic System Step 2: CHROMA REFLECT Lait the Soin: Radiance-Enhancing Milk for Colour-Treated Hair. Amplifies the reflection power of Coloured Hair, optimizes and transforms the hair fibre for a Shiny and vibrant result. Apply after SH, Rinse-out. Hair regains suppleness [&hellip

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