Capiplus Female


For hereditary hair loss in female and to stimulate new hair growth.

Thanks to various studies in different scientific journals among thousands of volunteers, it has now been established how Capiplus Male acts as a natural DHT blocker. The most recent (double-blind) studies reveal a significant improvement in the reduction/stagnation of hair loss and visible, restored hair growth – both on the basis of (objective) hair counting and observation by a (subjective) panel.

What Capiplus Female does
Machi has created Capiplus Female based on the latest scientific insights. A special, natural formula to maintain your own hair and stimulate new hair growth.

All the ingredients of Capiplus Female are carefully selected, measured and help to:
1. Maintain existing hair growth
2. Stimulate the hair growth process
3. Retain the suppleness of the scalp around the root
4. Nourish and stimulate the growth of hair follicles and roots

Ingredients Capiplus

Capiplus Female
Capiplus Female is based on scientific insights which clearly prove its restorative action. The quality of our products and user requirements are central. The unique quality of Machi products is assured in ten quality guarantees. Not just the quality of our products, but also that of our service. Furthermore the expert staff at Hans Bolder Hairstyle are available to provide answers to your questions and comments by email within 24 hours.
Top quality and safety
Because health is all important, quality and safety are priority at Capiplus Female.
1. First class, 100% natural ingredients
2. Constant quality by standardised cultivation
3. Optimum composition
4. Scientific basis
5. Safety
6. Certified production process
7. Convenience
8. Clear information
9. Conditioned storage and processing
10. Professional advice and good service

11. Supported by ours seven years lasting studies at Qing-Bai in nijmegen for recognised training in nature medicine and regular medicine, coupled to our many years of practical experience in the physiotherapies (herbal medicine study ) and the training periods which we have passed through several times to the university of Beijing in China we come with these unique products on the market.


Our products stand guarantee for success and quality.
These products are composed of among the following ingredients: Ginseng, Angelica, Salvia, Epimedium and Lycium. All our Herbals are originating from Kaiser Pharmaceutical. co. Ltd.

Also our products contain:
Vitamin b;
Vitamin c.

The FDA (the European and American Food and drug Administration) carry out the control on quality, but also on durability and possible clogging of our products. Also all ingredients meet the conditions such as these have been fixed in the C.I.T.E.S. (Convention on international Trade in Endangered species or wildly fauna and flora) treat of Washington.
A lot of costumers enjoyed already the previous years about the knowledge with this success formula. Also you can profit of the functioning of these products.
We guarantee success and an direct purchase of your complaint.

Functioning and instruction
With this formula, hormone production harmonises and get balances.
From scientific research becomes clear that the causes of Hair loss have been related to stress, hereditary construction pregnancies and medication use. This unique formula repairs the immunity system, balances the hormone mirror and dissipates toxic substances from blood after possible
medication use. The immunity system of your body will improve and a better quality of blood will flow to the capillaries of your Hair. Because of this Hair grow will improve again and bald spot will stop and disappear.

How it works and apply info (f.a.q.)

1. The conversion of testosterone into DHT is the work of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase. There are two types of this enzyme. Saw Palmetto attacks both types.
2. Saw Palmetto blocks receptors for DHT and testosterone in the skin and the prostate.
3. Saw Palmetto blocks receptors for prolactin.
4. Apply info en ingredients of Capiplus Female .

Capiplus female versus Finasteride and the Diana Pil.

Capiplus Female inhibits both types of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase, whereas Finasteride only inhibits one type of the enzyme.
Capiplus Female does not cause side effects as do Finasteride and Diana 35. This makes Capiplus Female the most suitable substance to combat hair loss.
Capiplus Female is made of natural substances.
Capiplus Female is only suitable for female, unlike Finasteride.
Capiplus Female can be combined perfectly with Aminexil or Maxilene.
Ingredients of Capiplus Female:

Polygonum multiflorum
Bamboe shavings
Salvia (Salie)
Vitamins b, c, Zink and calcium
Treatment of Capiplus
Advice dosing: Daily 4 pills swallow with water or thee. Minimum use is 6 months.

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